Easily Restore Deleted Photos from Android...!

Android operating system has so many features. This application has given new dimension for Smartphones. Android powers numerous mobile phones, Tablet PC and many other devices enables fast browser, multi-tasking features, cloud sync, etc. Android cell phones can captures as well as store digital pictures, photos, image on its external and internal data storage.

Photos are very important for all people because it speaks more than words, they help us to keep our old memories fresh and always brings back the past moments alive in front of us. One can easily understand how difficult can it be to retrieve deleted photos from Android phones when you lose it due to some unknown reason. When you delete pictures from Android phone due to any of reasons, then there is no option available to restore deleted photos from Android manually. Thus, you have to rely on some reliable and suitable picture recovery tool one like Android picture recovery to accomplish photo recovery process and recover deleted pictures from Android easily within few simple clicks. This recovery tool can perfectly get back deleted images from Android phones internal memory. To know more about picture recovery from Android Internal memory, have a visit here: http://www.androidpicturerecovery.com/deleted-from-internal-memory.html

Android picture recovery software is a perfect solution to retrieve deleted photos from Android driven Smartphones. It precisely & efficiently scans the entire phone’s internal & external memory to locate erased pictures & then helps to restore deleted photos Android using its own file attributes. This tool not only helps you to recover deleted pictures from Android, but also supports recovery of lost pictures, audio, video and Android application files (.apk) and many more file types. The Android picture recovery software is even well suited for recovering data from damaged media card effectively. To know more, tap on this link: androidpicturerecovery.com/recovering-data-from-damaged-media-card.html. The tool is safe & virus free and makes sure that other files saved in the phone memory are not affected by the recovery process. It can easily retrieve deleted photos from Android Tablet. In case you want to learn more, then simply visit here: http://www.androidpicturerecovery.com/deleted-photos-from-tablet.html

Basic scenarios responsible for deletion of photos from Android:

Using Delete option

You could have clicked on Delete option by mistake, while previewing photos on your Smartphone. Later when you go to the gallery and check for images you could not find even a single image and they are gone from the phone.

Deleting pictures when connected to PC

When you connect your Android Smartphone such as HTC Evo to computer for file transfer or deletion of unwanted files to free its space on the memory card, there is chance of erasing important images from the phone by accident. After this incident many picture files get deleted from your HTC Evo. But these are recoverable. Find how it is possible to recover deleted pictures from HTC Evo, by visiting http://www.androidpicturerecovery.com/htc-evo.html

Formatting memory card

When you unintentionally press Format option rather than some other option, then it deletes complete files and folders from memory card used in your Smartphone.

Click on “Delete” option while previewing the images

You might have deleted the pictures by clicking on “Delete” option while previewing the images. Later, if you need those photos back then there is no option to restore those pictures from memory card. The only way is to use Android picture recovery software to restore deleted photos from Android SD card

Features of Android picture recovery software:

  • The scanning process does not write any new data to the source drive from where it is recovering from, to avoid overwriting the original data.
  • You can make use of “Save recovery session” option to avoid rescanning the whole drive again in the trial version of the software.
  • Create an exact replica of the memory card, so that files can be restored from that disk image in the future. It can also get back photos from SD card to know how click here.
  • This utility can retrieve deleted photos from Android with different image file types such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIFF, ARW, PSD, BMP etc.
  • This product can even rescue images from HTC to get information, go through http://www.androidpicturerecovery.com/htc.html mobile phones and even from other brands that are compatible with Android platform such as Motorola, Micromax, Sony, Samsung etc.
  • Well, if you a LG phone user and want to restore deleted photos from Android LG phone, then you can easily recover picture from LG phone as stated above the tool supports all brands of phones which uses Android as their operating system.

Note: Including Android powered devices, the software is also compatible to recover deleted photos, videos and other media files from digital camera on both Windows and Mac computers. The software supports all brands of digital cameras or camcorders for video recovery. Thus, if you are looking for a way to carry out Sony handycam video recovery, then Android picture recovery could be the finest choice for you.

Precautionary steps to avoid deletion of photos from Android:

  • It is advisable to stop writing any new data in the Android where the deleted video files were located. In fact the deleted video files will be there in the storage space until and unless they are not overwritten with some new contents. Therefore, writing any new data on the same storage space may overwrite the lost files leading to permanent data loss.
  • The Android recovery software should not be installed on the same storage space where the deleted files are located.

Steps to recover deleted pictures from Android:

Step 1: Connect the Android device to your Windows PC or laptop. Download and install free trial version of Android Recovery Software. Select “Recover Deleted Files” option from next screen to retrieve deleted photos from Android phone.

Retrieve Deleted Photos from Android - Main screen

Step 2: Then, select the Android device from where you need to recover deleted photos and tap on "Next" button. Software starts scanning process.

Retrieve Deleted Photos from Android - select Android device

Step 3: Once scanning is over, you can view the recovered video in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.

Retrieve Deleted Photos from Android - View Recovered Photos