Power Management App for Android

Nowadays each and every mobile user prefers Android phone because these phones comes with a lot of features. But, one of the most common problems that every Android user comes across is performance of battery. If you are using many features on your Smartphone, then your battery goes down very quickly and you need to charge continuously. If you are witnessing this problem, because your Android phone battery power is not managed properly then do not worry. You have come at right place here you will come to know about a very useful tool which is famous under the title of Remo MORE. This tool intelligently inspect you Android device and let you know all the unnecessary features that are consuming power of your Android battery and serving no purpose.

The main reason which is responsible for shortening the battery life is background application that is running without the knowledge of users. Such type of applications continuously consumes power and reduces the battery life. If you want to get rid of such type of problem then you have to close that entire app which are running in background and consuming power. But, again the big problem is how to find out that which feature is wasting power of your phone. Thus the best way to get notified about these applications is to use third party software which can indicate you about useless app.

Apart from this you can also manage your Android power by reducing the brightness of your display, by removing heavy wallpapers, and turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unless you are not using it. Because all these features are on, then it uses power even though your phone is not connected with network.  If Wi-Fi is on then it keep searching for a Wi-Fi connection that are in that area. Apart from this if you are using GPS features then it also keeps consuming power and your battery life get reduced.

Thus if you want to be notified with such type of issues then try out Remo MORE which is developed specially for this purpose and will inform you about the health of your battery and take care of power. It is developed with a special type of algorithm that helps you to manage your power of android. It gives you a solid idea of power plan which you can use in order to achieve a good power management on your android phone.

The main reason why MORE has gain popularity over the world is its extraordinary performance. Many software users have recommended it as the best android power management application. It is developed with a nice user friendly interface that helps users to operate with ease. If you want to manage power on your Android phone then without any delay and hesitation use MORE for an instant solution.

Steps to manage power on your Android phone:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on your Android phone. Launch the tool then select Manage option from main screen and chose Power Manger.

Power Manager for Android - Select Power Manger

Figure 1: Select Power Manger

Step 2: After this MORE will display you the status of your Android phone from which you can easily inspect what and create a power plan as shown in figure 2.

Power Manager for Android - See Battery Status

Figure 1: See Battery Status

Step 3: From this screen you need to select those features which you do not use and turn them off and name the power plan as shown in feature as shown in figure 3.

Power Manager for Android - Add Power Plan

Figure 1: Add Power Plan

Step 4: Once your power plan profile is created then you will see a message as shown in figure below.

Power Manager for Android - Power Plan Created

Figure 1: Power Plan Created