Optimizing Android Phone Memory

Android phones are much popular among the mobile phone users. The reason why people’s interest is inclined towards Android phone lies in its extremely wonderful features. When it comes to Android phone memory, everyone is familiar with fact that android phone comes with low memory.  If you download and install few applications from internet then you will start getting low memory notification.  When your phone is new its works smoothly but over the time it started running slow and many issues are noted related to memory. Hence why many people say it is mandatory to optimize memory in Android phones.

What are the disadvantages of un-optimized Android phone memory?

There are two places on your Android phone where you can store data. That is internal and external memory. If your Android memory is not optimized then you cannot store many applications or games on it. Your phone speed also get affected and it starts running slow. Apart from this your browsing speed also gets decreased. Thus it is important to free up some space by removing unnecessary files or applications from Android.

What to do for optimizing Android phone memory?

Most of the users prefer browsing internet on their Android based smartphone. Every time you visit a web page a cache log is created on your phone memory and over the period of time it gets increased in size. Clearing this log file will free up memory space on your Android phone memory in an effective manner and boost your phone’s performance.

If you have installed many applications on your phone then it unnecessarily eat up your Android phone memory. So it would be better to uninstall applications that you do not use frequently.  If you do not use an application and still you don’t want to uninstall it then it is better to move them on a SD card.

Another way to optimize memory of your Android phone is to root it. Rooting is the best way to optimize memory space on Android phone. Rooting is not a simple task to be performed as it requires careful attention and if any mistakes happen in rooting it can damage your phone. Hence you should use a specialized tool which can optimize Android phone memory in just a fraction of second.

To solve the users concerns regarding Android phone memory optimization, software developers have come up with solution known as Remo MORE. This utility is a brainchild of highly experienced software professionals which is built with a strong and highly advance algorithm that scans your phone’s internal memory and removes all junk files from it in order to optimize it. MORE application has become popular among the world wide user for its better and reliable results.  It is simple and versatile in nature. You can download this extremely useful tool without any charge from play store.

Steps to use Remo MORE for Optimizing Android phone memory:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE software on your Android phone and launch it. Select "One Click Maintenace" option from Main Screen.
  2. Optimize Android Phone Memory  - One Click Maintenace

    Fig 1: One Click Maintenace

  3. Software starts Scanning your phone to find all the issues on it as shown in figure 2.
  4. Optimize Android Phone Memory - Scanning in Progress

    Fig 3: Scanning in Progress

  5. After scanning software will display junk items that are there in your phone and need to be deleted,for proceeding click "Fix Issues" tab to remove those items as shown in figure below.

  6. Optimize Android Phone Memory - Fix Issues

    Fig 3: Fix Issues