Photo Recovery from HTC Smartphones

HTC is one of the fastest growing brands in the mobile Industry. It is better known for its innovative and sophisticated smartphones and tablets that fulfills all the need of the individuals and offers them a better lifestyle. Most of the mobile phone users shift to HTC smartphones due to the high quality camera features offered by it. And rightly so as most of the HTC mobile phones are equipped with high resolution camera offering features like auto-focus, geo- tagging, smile detection, LED flash, digital and optical zooming, high definition recording and many more.

Apart from these features of HTC, sometimes you may suffer from deletion or loss of photos from HTC mobile phone. Let us consider you took lots of photos of your birthday party and they are deleted while transferring from HTC mobile phone to computer. In this situation you feel very frustrated, but there is a way for HTC photo recovery by using Android photo recovery software. Follow this link to know about Android Tablet picture recovery:

Android picture recovery tool allows you to recover all files including photos, videos audios and also APK files. Moreover this software is available at an extremely affordable price. This software is reliable and simple to handle and supports all major Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows server 2003, and most importantly it uses minimum time to rescue your data without affecting system performance. This software is the best option to get back all your photos, videos, music files and more from your Android phone that too instantly. This software also helps to get back images from SD card to know click here.

Factors those are responsible for deletion or loss of photos from HTC:

Improper Usage

When you are using same SD card on different devices or pull out SD card when file in use which may leads to data loss.

Error during File transfer

When you detach SD card from computer while transferring pictures from HTC mobile to computer then this may result HTC data might get lost.

Formatted / Corrupted Android device

If you accidentally formatted SD card or logically corrupted SD card that makes the data stored in the memory card inaccessible.

Improper Disconnection

When you disconnect HTC phone from computer without using “Safely remove” option then the files present in your HTC phone might get lost.

Features of HTC photo recovery software:

  • Restore lost images from Android and also retrieve music and video files including .apk files.
  • Scans both the internal storage and card memory.
  • The software can save recovery session to avoid re-scanning the device again.
  • It also clones the SD card as an image file with the help of which we can perform recovery process at the later stage.
  • This utility get back deleted pictures to know read based on their signatures such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIFF, ARW, PSD, BMP etc from our Smart Phone.
  • This application can save recovery session to avoid re-scanning of the device again.
  • It not only supports recovery of deleted photos from HTC Smartphone but it also supports recovery of deleted pictures from Android Smartphones of Motorola, LG and Micromax brands.

Necessary steps to avoid deletion or loss of photos from HTC:

  • Install an updated antivirus software program to combat deadly viruses and malwares on your Android device.
  • It is recommended to not use your Android phone after any photo loss or deletion scenario which may lead to overwriting.
  • Always copy your Android phones vital data and media files to an external storage device such as CDs or DVDs pen drive.
  • Avoid accidental deletion or formatting your SD card by making use of “write protect” knob.
  • Don’t remove your android smart phone abruptly during transfer process between your Android phone and computer.

How to use HTC Photo Recovery Tool:

Step 1: Connect the Android device to your computer. Download and install free demo version of Android Recovery software for picture. After installation select either "RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS" or "RECOVER LOST PHOTOS" from main screen.

HTC Photo Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Select the Android device from where you need to recover pictures. Software starts scanning process.

HTC Photo Recovery - select Android Device

Step 3: Once scanning process is over, you can view recovered photo in "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

HTC Photo Recovery - View in File Type View