How to Find Missing Pictures on Android?

Have you lost your precious pictures that had been taken on your 1st anniversary from your Android phone? Now wondering how to find missing pictures on Android phone. Don't be anxious!! Because there is a solution for your problem. Android picture recovery software is well equipped to restore all your deleted pictures on your smartphone phone with ease.

Pictures are very important for all because they help us to keep our old memories fresh. One can easily understand how difficult can it be to restore deleted photos from Android phones. When you delete pictures from Android phone due to any reasons, then there is no option available to recover picture and you have to rely on picture recovery software to accomplish photo recovery from Android phone on Windows. It also helps to recover deleted pictures from Android phones. For better understanding about recovery of deleted pictures on Android visit the link:

What are the reasons responsible for losing pictures on Android?

Some times when you connect your Android phone to your PC, suddenly an error message pops up stating, "The Drive is not formatted, do you wish to format it now". This will forces you to format the drive leading to complete loss of pictures from the phone.

You might have pressed "Delete" button by mistake, while previewing photos on your Android phone. Later when you visit gallery and check for pictures you could not find even a single picture and they are gone from the phone. In such scenarios you can make use of missing Android photo recovery software which will provide best answer to your question how to find deleted pictures on Android phone. To know more about photo recovery from Android internal memory visit :

Sometimes you may accidentally press Format option rather than some other option, and then it leads to deletion of all pictures from memory card used in your Android phone. Do not worry about the deleted pictures; it can be recovered easily by making use of photo recovery software. It can even recover pictures from SD card within few minutes.

Remarkable features of the software:

  • Able to recover missing, deleted and even formatted pictures from Android phones
  • Software is read only so it is a secure tool to recover missing files from Android
  • Can even recover photos from LG, Samsung, HTC and all other famous brands of Android phones. To know  more read here about recovery of pictures on HTC phone, check out this link
  • It allows you to preview the recovered pictures using "Preview" option.

Points to Remember:

  • Always check whether you have taken proper backup before formatting
  • Avoid abrupt removal of memory card from Android device when it is in use
  • Use updated antivirus program to protect from deadly viruses

Steps to know how to find lost pictures on Android:

Step1. Connect the Android device to your PC or laptop. Download and install Android Recovery Software for lost file. After installation select "RECOVER LOST FILES" from next screen know how to find missing pictures on Android device as shown in figure 1.

How to Find Missing Pictures on Android - Main screen

figure1: Main Screen

Step 2: Then select the Android device from where you need to recover deleted photos. Software starts scanning process as shown in figure 2.

How to Find Missing Pictures on Android - Select Android Device

figure2: Select Android Device

Step 3: Once scanning is over you can view the recovered video in "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW" as shown in figure 3.

How to Find Missing Pictures on Android - Preview Recovered File

figure3: Preview Recovered File