How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Android?

If you are an android phone user and have deleted your important photos from your Android Smartphone, then there might be only one question in your mind that is nothing but how can I get deleted pictures back on my Android. If you’ve deleted your precious photos from your Smartphone unintentionally and now regretting on your mistakes then do not worry, no matter in what situation your Android phone image has been deleted from your Android, it can be recovered with the help of one of the best useful tool known as Android Picture Recovery application.

The recovery of deleted pictures from Android Smartphone is very much possible because when you delete a picture then it is not completely deleted but only the entry pointer so to say get deleted from your storage device and data, here in this case pictures, are still present there which can be recovered with the help of recovery tool like Android Picture Recovery app. As a precautionary step you should not store new data on it because it will overwrite you deleted photos and you won’t be able to recover deleted images on Android in recovery process.

The following scenarios are responsible for deletion of photos from your Android phone.

Unintentional deletion is probably major reason where your photos are deleted from Android. Sometimes, when you wish to delete useless pictures from your Android phone and by mistake you end up pressing delete all button, then all your precious images are lost within a fraction of seconds.  If you want to know how to retrieve deleted photos on Android device, then you can find more about  deleted photo recovery from the given page. Click here to see more at:

Another reason where your photos are deleted is when your friend takes your Smartphone for viewing images and during that, due to lack of operation process he pressed delete button instead of next and thus your image gets deleted. Sometimes, antivirus software also deletes snapshots from your Android phone in connection with virus or malware problem. If there is any type of dangerous virus on your Android then antivirus deletes folders which are suspected to to virus. But, there is no need to be panic or disturbed because pictures deleted by third party can be easily recovered with the help of Android Picture Recovery. This software provides an ultimate answer for your question on how can i get deleted pictures back on my Android phone. Click here to know how it works:

Android picture Recovery software is developed with an advanced algorithm, which is capable to recover deleted images on Android phone very effectively.  It can also recover deleted photos from SD card of Smartphones with ease. One of the best thing about this tool is that it does not modify the quality of your image and recovers original pictures. With the help of this tool, you can easily recover deleted or lost images of different image formats  including JPEG, GIFF, PSD, ARW, BMP and many more popular types. This application is also capable to get back pictures deleted from the internal memory of Android phones with ease. Learn how to retrieve deleted photos on Android internal memory at:

Steps to recover deleted images on Android:

Step 1: To begin with, connect your Android Smartphone to computer. Run the tool on your computer after downloading and installation. Then, launch the tool and select "Recover Deleted Files" from screen to restore deleted photos from Android. Then, the software starts detecting the connected Android device.

How Can I Get Deleted Pictures Back on My Android - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Then, select the Android memory card from where you need to get back deleted pictures. After this, application starts scanning process.

How Can I Get Deleted Pictures Back on My Android - Select Android SD Card

Fig 2: Select Android SD Card

Step 3: Once scanning is successfully done you can preview the recovered images using “File Type View / Data View” feature of this softwrae as shown in figure 3.

How Can I Get Deleted Pictures Back on My Android - Preview Recovered Pictures

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Pictures