Recover Pictures from Droid Incredible

There is no doubt that Android has given a new dimension to the mobile industry. It has completely changed the way mobiles are being developed. Majority of Smartphone uses Android to give attractive features to its users. Droid Incredible is one of the Smartphone which is developed by HTC, uses Android. This phone has lots of attractive features and this is why it is used across the globe. It comes with a high resolution camera which is used by most of the people to capture the image of their memorable moments of life. Pictures taken by this phone will be stored in mobile phone’s memory card and considered safe and secure for future use. But, there are many occasions where you may lose your pictures from Droid Incredible phone. Losing of pictures from your Droid phone is really a irritating event, but luckily there is a tool called Android Picture Recovery that can recover pictures from Droid Incredible very easily.

The most common reasons behind the loss of image from Droid Incredible phone is as given below:

  • Accidental Deletion: This is one of the most commonly observed reasons where your pictures from Android phone are lost. Suppose, you wish to erase all your useless images from your phone with the aim of freeing memory space on your phone memory but, during selecting the useless pictures from memory you end up with selection of valuable images which leads to deletion of your memorable photos. Needless to say that after this event you will be disappointment with your mistakes, but fortunately there is a recovery tool which can easily recover pictures from Droid Incredible phone in just a few clicks of mouse. To know about picture recovery from internal memory of Android based Smartphone visit here:
  • Accidental formatting: This reason generally takes the moment you connect your phone memory card to your system through memory card reader, an alert window pops up displaying a message that ”Memory Card not found. Do you want to format it now?” If you select yes option then all the pictures residing on memory card is deleted in this formatting event.
  • Virus or malware attack: virus or malware attack is another reason where your memory card becomes corrupt and thus all the photos stored on it cannot be accessed. Now the chances of deletion of memory card photos in anti virus scanning process is very high. Visit this page to know about deleted picture recovery from Smartphone:

Regardless of photo loss scenario you can easily recover pictures from Droid Incredible with the help of Android Picture Recovery tool. This tool is capable to recover any picture file type from various types of Smartphone like HTC, Motorola, LG and Samsung. You can recover picture on both Windows as well as Mac OS X operating system with ease. It is capable to recover images from different types of SD cards of famous brands. This software also supports recovery of photos deleted from Android Tablet and other Smartphone. All types of image format including JPG, JPEG, IMG, PNG and many more can be restore from this tool. After successful recovery you can preview the recovered image before restoring them.

Note: You can also use this tool to recover deleted pictures from HTC Desire with ease. To know how to perform HTC Desire photo recovery visit here:

Also, partitions on Mac and Windows play a very important role. If you have lost your vital photos from your Windows or Mac partition after loss, then give a try for Windows and Mac edition of Android photo recovery software. You can use this link to recover pictures from a lost partition in some sinple steps:

Steps to Recover Pictures from Droid Incredible

Step 1: Download and install tool on your system. Launch the tool and quickly plug in your Smartphone to the system. Select "RECOVER LOST FILES" from the Main Screen to restore your deleted photos.

Recover Pictures from Droid Incredible - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Then select your Android Smartphone from where you need to recover photos. Software starts scanning process at the end of this step.

Recover Pictures from Droid Incredible - Select Android Smartphone

Figure 2: Select Android Smartphone

Step 3: View the recovered pictures after the completion of scanning process in "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

Recover Pictures from Droid Incredible - Recovered Pictures

Figure 3: Recovered Pictures