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  • Software to recover pictures from Android Smartphones and Tablet PC
  • Restore lost photos from Android phone SD card after accidental format
  • Get back digital photos from internal and external memory of Android devices
  • Rescue pictures from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Nexus Android phones


Pictures are always considered to be the most favorite possession of everyone in order to capture precious moments and cherish them later in future. In order to capture pictures, people employ devices that offer better picture quality with high resolution. And, thus Android powered devices such as Smartphones and tablet computers are highly preferred. These Android phones come along with Android OS that is entirely based on Linux operating system and are popularly referred as Smart phones. Though they are highly used, the worst thing that is commonly faced by huge number of Android phone users is loss of stored photos and other media files.

How to Rescue Pictures from Different Brands of Android Phone:

Android based Smartphones available in market such as Samsung Galaxy Y, S2, Note, Google Nexus, HTC Desire V, HTC Rezound, HTC One, y Xperia and other. Among these Android devices, HTC Android phones are highly known for its durability and high end performance that it delivers to the users. But these HTC Android phone users also face issue of losing their memorable photos stored on internal memory or external memory card. Have you lost your pictures from HTC Android Phone and now looking up for reliable tool to recover pictures from Android? Don’t worry!!! The only way that helps you to tackle with all such photo loss issues is by making use of Android Picture recovery software. This restoration tool can rescue pictures from all popular brands of HTC phone. Click over the link here, to learn more facts about this fascinating photo recovery software. This software can rescue pictures of all formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, BMP, PSD and RAW image formats.

Recovery of Deleted Images from Android device

When you delete pictures from Android device due to any reasons, only the file pointer of your photo files gets deleted and all of your deleted pictures will reside on the same memory location unless and until they are overwritten by adding new files. So, it is advised not to use the Android Phone after losing pictures, in order to avoid overwriting and thereby increasing chances of picture recovery using reliable recovery software. Android picture recovery tool is one such software that helps you to restore deleted pictures from Android Smartphone on your Windows computer after deletion. This picture recovery tool precisely and efficiently scans the entire memory i.e. Android phone’s internal & external memory to locate erased photos and restore them based on their unique file signature.

Recover Pictures from Android SD card:

There are so many storage devices that are present in the market. SD (Secure Digital) card is also one of them. Though Android Phones have higher data storage capacity, still they make use of SD memory cards to extend their storage capacity. These SD cards are used for storing and transferring of files between Android device and computer. The popularity of SD card is because of high-speed of data transfer. Thus, there are more chances that the stored photos from SD card may get deleted or lost because of various reasons. But, with the aid of Android picture recovery, you can rescue images from Android SD card with utmost ease. This software supports recovery of pictures from SD card of various brands like Transcend, Kingston, Sony, Samsung, Patriot and many more. The photo file formats that are supported by this recovery tool include JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF etc. Browse around the given website to extract complete details about this wonderful photo rescue software.

Rescue Lost Images from Android:

Most of the people love to capture pictures and preserve them for life time. But under some adverse situations, they end up losing their precious images without any option to recover it. Have you ever lost your valuable pictures from Android phone?? Now are you finding out for a way to restore lost pictures from Android powered device? Just relax!!! There is nothing to worry about, as Android picture recovery software is available which will help you out to perform Android lost photo recovery and rescue lost images from Android devices. This software is capable of restoring audio - video files, songs, pictures and many other documents irrespective of any file format. This photo restoration tool can be used to recover pictures from Android on all the version of Windows operating system computers.

Recent Updates:

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Get Back Pictures from Dead Hard Disk: Is your hard disk dead? Need not to worry! You can now recover all your pictures as well as other important files from dead hard drive with the help of enhanced edition of Android picture recovery software that supports Windows and Mac OS X based computers and laptops. Go through this link for complete assistance on dead hard drive picture recovery:

How to Recover Photos from Corrupted Pen Drive:  Have you lost all your favorite photos just because your pen drive got corrupted?? Don’t worry… Now there is an easy way to get back all your photos. Use Android Picture Recovery app and restore photos from corrupted pen drive successfully. To know more about recovery of photos from corrupted pen drive, click here:

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Recover Photos from Google Nexus: Picture files of type JPG, PNG, BMP etc. can be recovered from Google Nexus after accidental deletion with ease by using Android Picture Recovery software which is a popular tool to get back photos from different Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note, S2 and Google Nexus. Visit if you want to know more about this app.

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Galaxy S4 deleted photo recovery: Looking for a way to recover deleted pictures from your new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone? Then you at right place. By using Android picture recovery tool you can restore your deleted picture files within few minutes. Refer this page: to recollect more information about Galaxy S4 deleted picture recovery.

Restore Deleted Pictures from HTC Desire: Have you deleted images from HTC Desire? Do not worry! With the help of Android Picture Recovery tool, you can easily bring back deleted pictures. To read more on how to retrieve deleted pictures from HTC Desire, go through this link:

How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Xperia Arc: Android picture recovery is also helpful in restoring deleted pictures from Xperia Arc. It supports recovery of all format of photos such .jpg, jpeg, .tiff, .tif, .png, .bmp, .gif, etc. For more information go through the following link:

Recover Pictures from Droid Incredible: Losing pictures from phone is a common thing. If you have lost your valuable image from Droid Incredible then make use of Android Picture Recovery tool which can recover pictures in just few clicks of mouse with ease. To know about Droid Incredible photo recovery visit:


After losing pictures, make sure that you are not using your Android Smartphone for taking new pictures. This is because, when you take new pictures from this phone, then the deleted or lost pictures might get overwritten thereby resulting in loss of precious photos. Due to this overwriting, permanent loss of picture may occur.